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zen-mindThe Zunray Spark September
Beginner’s Mind
july sparkThe Zunray Spark July
“avidya” means “to not see”
sparkJuneThe Zunray Spark June 2018
How asana practice affects the mind
metamorphoseThe Zunray Spark May 2018
How asana practice affects the mind
CrocusApril18The Zunray Spark April 2018
The four infinite thoughts
march sparkThe Zunray Spark March 2018
The four infinite thoughts
superpowerThe Zunray Spark February 2018
Namaste, I find February fascinating, not only because it is the month of the red hearts, but also because we are in the raw part of Winter, the time when the festivities of the new year were far left behind and it becomes very important that we reinforce our good resolutions so they don´t fall ...
2018The Zunray Spark January 2018
Namaste, dear yogins, Have you already made the new year´s resolutions list? If you are, STOP. If not, then you are reading this at the right moment. There is a yogic technique that teaches us how to create powerful pathways in our lives, and it is called sankalpa. Kalpa means “idea or notion that arises from the heart”. It ...
meditationThe Zunray Spark December 2017
Namaste yogins, A fourteen-year-old girl told me a few days ago that she didn´t feel like coming to class because all that people do in yoga is sitting and chanting Om. I loved it. Her innocent heart was expressing the most generalized idea that Spaniards have about how a yoga class is. Here, the concept ...
novSparkThe Zunray Spark November 2017
Namaste yogins, November is my birth month and around this time of the year I love to revise different ideas related to how reality is created. Quantum physics talks about a participatory universe referring to the fact that what we see in the outer world is there because we project it. Something exists because we watch ...