The Zunray Spark July

spark july

Namaste yogins,

We have made it to the last month in our “academic” year at Zunray and, while in September I told you that this path has no beginning, today I share with you that yoga has no end.

Yoga is a path in evolution, it is alive and continues growing as you and I practice it. On the one hand, it is important that we are very respectful to the tradition. In the study of classic texts we can find many answers and, thanks to them, we reach a truer understanding of what it means to be a human being growing in Consciousness; on the other hand, we must know that those who live on the planet right now have new needs compared to the people that walked the Earth two thousand years ago. The history of spiritual opening works the same way as any other history in time: the inquiry and yearnings of our ancestors generate the vital circumstances of the following generations and therefore, the space-time coordinates in which we live are a link in the evolutionary process that is always progressive and moves us forward.

There is a saying in India stating that with each new saint a new message arrives. I love it because it affirms the idea that, indeed, yogins were authentically open to innovate, to feel the process of awakening, each one of them in his or her own way and also remained open to how another colleague could live it. This is why it is of vital importance that we never doubt our inner feeling, that we listen to the messages from within and that we learn from other yogins’ experience to find our own answers. It is also true that when we truly keep to this attitude we realize that the message is universal and eternal. Reaching this level of personal inquiry requires a lot of work to be done, if we do not want to be in danger of our own egoistic tendencies taking the reins on the path.

The Zunray Spark says good-bye until September. Have an amazing Summer, full of playful moments on and off the mat, of inquiry and delight.

aham prema – we are love