About us

Zunray yoga studio

The yoga studio Zunray was born as result of a proyect designed to run the illusions of two people: Francesca and Roeland, towards a better quality of life.

Our vision is to contribute with our help to other people to enrich the global comunity for the benefit of everyone.

The yoga studio Zunray is unique in Palma. Having served the community for 2 and a half years in Calle Brondo, we relocated to a new space in the summer of 2012. Calle San Feliu 17, garages 8 & 9. It offers the largest yoga studio room in the city, 100 square meters with a beatiful hard wooden floor. The location is unbelievable. Located in a private garagestreet far away from all traffic, one can literally hear the birds, being in the heart of the beating city.

>Zunray founders
A truly inspiring place!

  • Highly qualified professionals
  • Unique location
  • 100 square meter yoga room
  • Large dressing rooms for women and men with shower
  • Reception/shop for yoga equipment
  • Parking: Corte Inglés or in the port area

In Zunray you will find a calming, balanced and inspiring environment where you will be encouraged to grow in many ways while feeling supported along your life journey. By serving others, Zunray hopes that the global community will be enriched for the goodness of all.

Here you will find the most qualified staff and professionals offering classes and especial courses that will assist you in meeting your personal goals. It is a Group of International teachers, healers and specialists in the personal development field, all of them eager to meet you and to cooperate with your wellbeing.