Zunray Spark June 2020

anandamayiNamaste yogins,

“All paths are my path and I have no particular path”

This month is dedicated to Anandamayi Ma, a sacred yogini with an enigmatic smile and the most magnetic beauty. She was not only happy or peaceful, her presence itself was happiness and peace, qualities very much needed at the moment, right? Born at the end of the nineteenth century, she left her body in 1982.

Her name means “mother impregnated in Supreme Bliss”, perfect for her since she was an incarnation of tenderness and joy. She always showed a smiling disposition, always willing to serve kindly and to be a source of love for all. She lived in absolute acceptance of the present moment, there was no room for fighting against reality or for attachment to anything, she never resisted what was right in front of her. We could say that she was the best example of the “flow” that we mention so much in our yoga classes. She was known for her miracles and healings, there are many stories about her spiritual accomplishments and her deep knowledge of the different yogic schools came to her spontaneously since she never received formal initiation in any of them.

She lived the mystical experience above any creed, belief system or school, she was the yoga. There is a beautiful story that illustrates this. Not too long after getting married, when Anandamayi´s husband returned home from work, she used to take care of him, fed him, and prepared him a hooka, a pipe. When he was relaxed and resting, she used to ask him – “Would you mind if I spend some time in my sadhana now?” and after she would sit in a corner to repeat the chanting of the mantra “Hari, Hari, Hari”, as she had seen her father doing when she was a small girl. One day, her husband asked her why was she reciting “Hari” if in his household they were not Vaishnavis. You might like to know that “Hari” is one of Krishna´s names, and Krishna is an incarnation of god Vishnu, the deity adored in the Vaishnava tradition. To her husband´s question, Anandamayi replied – “Should I recite Shiva, Shiva, Shiva? Then, that I will do”. For her there was no difference between one name and the other, she knew that the power of spiritual practice is the same in all traditions.

In Annadamayi´s experience, all forms of sadhana happened spontaneously, as a playful game. She taught that there is nothing serious about the spiritual practice, it happens effortlessly when we don’t try to create it. Isn´t it more beautiful to be still and allow the butterfly to rest on your arm rather than chasing it and holding it under the net?

See you on the mat!

Aham prema