Zunray Spark January 2020


Namaste yogins,

We enter a new decade with the great hope and certainty that our yoga practice is a valuable and sincere contribution to the evolution of the Universe.

Ramakrishna is this month´s sage. He lived and taught in the 19th century in a very important temple near Calcutta. He is considered by many as an avatar, which is an incarnation of the divine, fully conscious. We are more familiar with this concept if we think about the figure Jesus. Ramakrishna´s mysticism is very interesting because he embraced all schools and believes, studying them with great devotion and putting them into practice until he had fully integrated their wisdom. This brought him to be an embodied example of the universality of the inner path. He taught using parables and stories that everyone could easily understand and his doctrine included elements that came from the wisdom of Bhakti, the yoga of devotion, from Advaita Vedanta and from Tantra. One of his greatest teachings is that “as there are many creeds, there are many paths” that lead to the same destination, to the full realization of our Supreme Consciousness. Because of his exploration of diverse traditions, Ramakrishna had the capacity to connect with the feelings of people coming from many different backgrounds and he could reach into the hearts of every one of them.

For Ramakrishna, the success of our path requires great perseverance and the authentic desire of the heart to see the essence of reality. He emphasized that everything is divine and that our practice should take us to see Consciousness in all people, animals, plants and things that we deal with daily, including ourselves.

He was the teacher of Swami Vivekananda, who became his main disciple and whose speech at the first Parliament of Religions, celebrated in Chicago in 1893, changed the history of yoga and sparked its expansion worldwide. The speech received a three minutes long ovation and as a result of this event he stayed in the West for three years spreading the teachings of yoga philosophy. Thanks to this, many European and north American citizens started feeling an immense curiosity about yoga and invited other mystics and academicians who begun opening schools for Hinduism and yoga in the Western world.

“God is in all men, but all men are not in God; that is why we suffer”

More about Ramakrishna in class! See you on the mat,

Aham prema