Zunray Spark March 2020

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Namaste yogins,

“Your own Self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world”.

This month is dedicated to Ramana Maharshi, the enlightened sage whose contribution during the first half of the 20th century is determining for the path of yoga as we understand it nowadays. Contrary to other teachers that have been highlighted in the Sparks, he didn´t come from a family of Brahmins, neither he had had any form of mystical or yogic education in his childhood. Nevertheless, when he was a teenager he experienced a supernatural episode that made him embrace full-heartedly the path of Self-realization.

He used to tell that at age sixteen, one day when he was calmly sitting at his uncle´s home, the most terrifying fear of death aroused within him unexpectedly. The shock caused by this terror made him lay down and think “Now, my time to die has arrived. What does that mean? What is dying? This body dies. Is this body my “I”?” And this questioning sparked his personal process of self-inquiry that has become so essential in the life of many people and many modern yogins who have started to understand reality thanks to the wisdom of his teachings. When the youngster Ramana Maharshi had his first encounter with eternity, he realized that he had a body but that he was not the body, that he had thoughts but he was not his thoughts, that he could perceive an environment but that he was not his senses nor the perceived objects. He could experience how underlying all attributes and outer experiences, we simply are because everything is Self-Consciousness.

Ramana encouraged his disciples to start with the basic question “Who am I?” because the “I” is the first thought from which everything emerges in our earthly lives. When we start inquiring about who we are, we start to notice all the things that we are not, until the only thing remaining is limitless bliss. Thus, the initial text for everyone seeking the revelation of inner happiness is the Nan Yar or Who am I? a small book that collects this teacher´s direct instructions on Self-inquiry. Its distribution is free and you can download it from the web sriramanamaharshi.org.

The process of Self-inquiry has an incomparable value for a society like ours, where the only thing that exists for many is outer success and a disproportionate materialism.

See you on the mat!


Aham prema