Zunray Spark September 2019

meditation on the water

Namaste yogins,

Welcome to a new year, full of yoga practice and study! Yes, you have heard correctly, I wrote “study” because, as you know, yoga is a path for the body but also for learning in many other levels. One of its foundational pillars is the study of the texts and teachings of the past sages and yogins who explored the inner path before us.

The name of this pillar is “svadhyaya”, which literally means “study of the Self”. It is traditionally interpreted as the daily study of mystical or spiritual texts as well as the recitation of sacred scriptural verses. In a broader sense, it advises us to read writings that make us happier, so we can elevate the frequency of our feelings and create greater harmony in our environment. Its deepest sense encourages us to find the divine in the plane of matter thanks to the process of self-observation and studying one´s own behaviors. Svadhyaya invites us to have a look inside. It should be pointed out that there is a distinction between information and wisdom. The first one comes from the outside, it is the rational knowledge about things. The second one digs its roots in the indwelling Consciousness and, even though it is beyond words or rationalization, its language is the most inspiring, guiding us towards a life of Light, Wisdom and Love. The study of the Self happens by means of both approaches.

This year´s Sparks are dedicated to a handful of the greatest teachers in the history of yoga, they were also called maharishis or great sages. I have chosen just a few among the most emblematic, they all share that none of them taught yoga asana, but their lives were dedicated to the inner aspects of the practice. Three of them consolidated three of the most influential schools in the tradition: classical yoga, the path of Advaita Vedanta and Kashmir´s Tantra. The rest lived and shared their teachings during the XIX century and the first part of the XX, this period gave birth to the incredible yogic revolution of our times. All of them are relevant for modern yogins like us. These are very special beings, whose work and presence make it possible for us to read this humble Spark today. Thanks to them, wonderful yoga studios like Zunray exist and we continue evolving in our path of body-mind-heart development with enthusiasm, joy and the best intentions.

I am sure that we are going to enjoy this year to the max and that we will grow immensely together.

Looking forward to seeing you on the mat!
Aham prema,