Zunray Spark December


Namaste yogins,

We say good-bye to the year celebrating with a wise yogin from the 10th century named Abhinava Gupta, who although not as well known for the general yoga public, he is equally important as the others because his work highlights the Shaiva Tantra from Kashmir. Most modern Hatha Yoga schools drink directly or indirectly from this source since hatha yoga emerged as a school within the tantric current.

Abhinava Gupta was born in a family of yogins in the region of Kashmir, in Northern India. He was a renowned scholar in numerous disciplines and he studied with masters from diverse branches of yogic thought. He also was a great mystic, theologian and musician. He left a literary legacy of great size, sign of his bright and generous practice. One of his greatest teachings is that the realization of our divine nature comes hand in hand with the realization of our human nature. The life of a tantrika is dedicated to awakening while being immersed in the daily chores, because everything in reality is Consciousness. We could say that the work of Tantra helps us to reveal our divine-human essence and to awaken our capacity to live, act, speak, and think as such.

There is no separation nor there is a space-time differentiation between the individual self and the universal Self. This way, everything that we experience in the world of matter is pure Consciousness, it is not an illusion, it is not a trick of the senses, but what we have are perceptions of the same glorious reality happening at different vibratory frequencies. Supreme Consciousness becomes more condensed in order for us to be able to perceive it with our human body-minds and it does it for the mere fact of enjoying the process of creation and life, as we understand it here, with differentiated categories, forms and material entities.

The traditions of Tantra don´t recommend an ascetic way of living, separated from society, as the only way to awakening. On the contrary, it is a path for normal people, for the quotidian affairs, and it encourages to see the light in every one of the interactions that engage us with the outer world.

So, according to Abhinava Gupta, we should enjoy the Holiday season to the fullest!

“The power that resides in the heart of Consciousness is freedom”

See you on the mat,

Aham prema