Zunray Spark April 2020

“All life is Yoga”

aurobindoIn the month of April, we honor Sri Aurobindo, another great mystic from the end of the nineteenth century and the first half of the twentieth. Yogin, philosopher, poet and academician of the European and Indian cultures. He formulated the concept of Integral yoga as a way that unifies the Western traditions with the ones coming from his birth land, the cradle of yoga.

Born in Calcutta, he was educated in England under a very pragmatic and agnostic approach. His youth, already back in India, is characterized by an active implication in the political cause regarding his country´s independence from the UK. Young Aurobindo was a true yogic activist, fighting along the lines of Gandhi. However, his first encounters with yoga made him look at the liberation from British dominance as an almost mystical process, more like a liberation from our personal inner oppression, from all those things that limit us as humans. In 1910, he plunged himself deep into the yogic path and had many experiences that proof the authenticity of his awakening. Even though he continued being involved with social improvement for his entire life, the evolution of supramental Consciousness became the focus of his presence on Earth.

Sri Aurobindo´s universal and integrative approach was quite original at the time and became one of his legacies. Something very important to highlight is that he believed in the practice and study of yoga as the way to evolve both socially and spiritually. He spoke about meditation as the tool to develop our “supermind” and the goal of Integral Yoga was not only the reabsorption in Samadhi, but the evolution towards a society of superhumans as well.

The leading figure of Sri Aurobindo will always go hand in hand with The Mother, the woman whom he considered his equal and who took charge of the organization of the ashram and continued his legacy after his death in 1950. The Mother was a spiritual guide for many and, in the sixties, she founded Auroville as a “universal city”, a community where people from all countries and creeds could live in harmony with nature and according to the spiritual laws of the cosmos. Sri Aurobindo and The Mother´s dream of a better society fills with hope the hearts of many of us wishing to bring the benefits of yoga to the collective.

See you on the mat!

Aham prema,