Zunray Spark February 2020

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Namaste yogins,

“Practice meditation. You will find that you are carrying within your heart a portable paradise”.

The sage of the month is no other than Paramahansa Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi, probably the most known book on yoga around the world and considered one of the most important publications of the 20th century. In it he describes his experiences in the inner path and his numerous encounters with fascinating yogins who touched the magical and supernatural realms.

Yogananda´s life was an act of service towards global awakening. He was initiated in meditation when he was but a child and as a youngster he received the message that he must travel to the West.  As a consequence, in 1920 he started sharing the teachings of yoga in the United States. His approach was pioneer and precursor to the current yogic revolution. Out of curiosity, you might like to know that George Harrison, Steve Jobs and other influential personalities studied the teachings of this great yogin. He left a legacy of numerous books, speeches and interviews that record his teachings and, recently, a wonderful documentary about his life was released, “Awake” is its title, if you haven´t watched it, I highly recommend it.

His name means “the Supreme Bliss of Yoga” because the practice refines and distils our body-mind-heart until everything dissolves into the ocean of bliss that Consciousness ultimately is. A paramount teaching is that through love and practice, together we can transform the world. Consciousness is the sum of everything created, including all of us and our life´s essential goal should be to love this Consciousness fully, seeing it manifested and experiencing it everywhere, knowing that such realization brings significant benefits for the global community.  Through Yogananda´s Kriya Yoga – the yoga of action – we can meditate, enhance the primordial energy of our body-mind to then embrace the world and the unique roles that each one of us plays in it as awakened human beings. Our presence here is an affirmation of the divine and our personality or ego, a tool at the service of the inner Light.

One of his beautiful contributions is how he wrote extensively about the correspondence between the teachings of Jesus and the yoga way. He knew how to transmit the universality of mysticism by means of the terms of our own Christian tradition. Self-realization is a universal principle underlying all traditions in the planet.

See you on the mat!

Aham Prema
Zaira Leal