Kundalini Yoga


kundaliniYoga has many variations on philosophy and style. Some yogas are more structured as a physical workout, others focus more on meditation. Kundalini Yoga combines physical practice with meditation, adding an emphasis on consciousness that activates the energy centers around the body. If you like a physical practice combined with a more meditative part that will make you feel more vital, Kundalini Yoga is for you.



Daniela Troconis

“I believe in yoga as an inspiring tool to go through the experiences with awareness, making the essence of the human being flourish, that powerful force that allows us to grow. I went deep into these teachings because I sought to believe, then I realized that I only had to believe in myself, in the power of love. To study asanas and pranayamas is to go to the depths of our being, to reach the heart through the body, to connect with oneself to be able to connect with others.
My inspiration: the look of my daughter, the love of my husband and
this sentence of Gandhi: “If you want to find yourself, lose yourself in service to others.”