Yoga for children

Yoga classes for children are a fantastic activity for the youngest.

We want to emphasize the variety and creativity of our program in this playful approach of Yoga for Children. The yoga classes for children are dynamic and full of surprises. Among the contents you may find activities such as yoga postures, creative painting, mandalas, visualizations, massage and relaxation. All the applied techniques support the childrens’ different stages of development at different levels.


  • Reduce tension and wearinessyoganinos
  • Strengthen balance and creative development
  • Improve breathing and conserve the childrens’ natural flexibility
  • Give importance to harmonious and respectful contact through exercises for communication, group-works etc.
  • Enhance and direct each child’s imagination
  • Expand their resources to resolve problems that can turn up within oneself, among other children and with adults.
  • Play and work based on human values, making those visible in the childrens’ everyday life.

Prices & Schedule


6 to 10 years old

At Zunray (Palma city center)

  • Group 1: Friday 17:45 – 18:45
  • Starts Friday 21 September
  • Last class Friday 14 December
  • 10 classes 100€
If the first group fills up there, we´ll open another group on Friday 16:45-17:45. If you are interested in this group please let us know.
To reserve your spot for the fall trimestre please make a downpayment of 30€. (remainder of 70€ due on 21 September 2018)
We will also start with classes in la Vileta at Green Valley International School. It is not necessary to be a student at the school. Schedules to be confirmed.
Would you like to try? Come and join us on Sunday 9 September at 10:30 fro a free class. Please call or message to reserve 634522321


natalia ploNatalie is full of enthusiasm and energy person! Since the first day she worked with kids she knew that was her passion. She has been working with kids for more than 5 years now and practicing yoga for more than 4. A part from being a certified Yoga Teacher 200- hours and Yoga for kids teacher at Om Shree Om she studied Art Therapy and loves dancing. In her yoga for kids classes she want’s to help children to be more aware of their body, mind and emotions, to believe in themselves, trust the others and see the magic of life. Therefore she adds to her classes different ways of expression so familiar to the kids like arts, dancing and fairy tales. She feels a lot of Love towards her little yogis and fills the Atmosphere of the class with smiles, hugs and magic.

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