The Zunray Spark November 2017


Namaste yogins,

November is my birth month and around this time of the year I love to revise different ideas related to how reality is created. Quantum physics talks about a participatory universe referring to the fact that what we see in the outer world is there because we project it. Something exists because we watch it. Long before that, yogins said that things are empty and come from ourselves. Therefore, the key to what we experience out there is inside, specifically, in our mind-heart because the mind is the projector of the thoughts and feelings that interpret reality.

Let´s think about this with a simple example: visualize a pencil that you have dropped to the floor. Now add a dog to this image. Both the dog and you reach to get it, even though the intentions are quite different. While the pencil for you is a writing object, the dog thinks about it as a toy in the shape of a stick. The object “pencil” has a defined shape but is two very different things depending on who or what uses it. By itself is neither a toy nor a writing object, it is empty. When you participate with the reality of what we call pencil, you are the one who fills it with the information and value that make it a writing object.

Going one step further in this contemplation brings us to the source of your relationship with this object, to the origin of the projection, to your mind´s center. Then you can start to question the kind of thoughts that move around your virtual body and that make you see things in one way or another. Once you stop and watch the source of your reality, you can change it and you don´t do it out there, in the playground that is the outer world, you go to the source, to the place from where you project.

This month I invite you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why do I contemplate life the way I do it?
  • What sort of thoughts and feelings create my outer world?
  • Is it possible to choose my thoughts to create a more luminous and happier outer reality?

Happy inquiry, dear Zunrays!

See you on the mat,
Om Shanti