Crazy about Yoga


Would you like to take your practice to a new level?

zaira“Crazy about yoga” is an advanced yoga course that deepens into the physical and metaphysical practice of yoga.
The evolution of all participants is incredibly luminous, not only at the level of the asana, but also in the integration of very refined philosophical concepts that transform life.

Classes happen on Wednesdays from 13:00 to 15:00 and follow this structure:
30 min of dharma, philosophy and review of the week´s assignments
90 min intermediate-advanced asana
30 min seated meditation

The 2019/2020 course will have the theme of tantric meditation and psychology of tantra yoga.

The first class is on Sept. 11th and the last on June 24th. It is a total of 100 hours and those of you registered with Yoga Alliance can count them as continued education credits.

The price of the full course is 950€. it can be payed entirely in the beginning or pay a registration fee of 250€ and nine monthly payments of 77,50€.
Drop-in classes are also available and the price is 35€.

At least two years of steady practice.
The ability of coming up into a handstand at the wall and performing Urdhva Dhanurasana on your own.

Zaira Leal would be delighted to see you on the mat at Crazy about Yoga!

This program can be part of your Yoga alliance +300 certification.
Requisites of +300: 2 years of Crazy for yoga, Radiant Living workshop, Art of yoga intensive, Essay, practicum and personal practice.

lamentablemente tenemos que cerrar el estudio para las clases presenciales pero ya podemos ofreceros  clases online
Unfortunately we have had to close the studio for classes but twe're excited to be able to offer you  classes online