Sound Healing Meditation

Sound Healing Meditation

with Larissa Israel

larissaWe will tune into the special energies of Pentecost with this live acoustic sound healing meditation, designed to deeply nourish and empower you on all levels of your being. Lying in the reclined position, the group members will be guided softly into relaxation via conscious breathing and engagement of the senses in visualization and expanded hearing. A Sancalpa (a positive resolution) can be held in the heart before deeply surrendering to letting go. As the brain waves synchronize to the sacred sounds of specifically selected instruments, their subtle vibrations can bring more vital energy, a deep sense of regeneration, happiness and well-being in helping to release and center yourself within. Progressing from the root chakra towards the higher energy centers, this scale of resonance perfectly stimulates the energies, creating a strong alignment and purification. The frequency of silk color scarfs as well as a touch of Sound-Acupuncture will round up this holistic experience. In the beginning we will prepare the body to open the joints for better energy flow. Everybody is welcome.
No prior experience required.

Sunday 20 May 17:00 – 18:30
The price is 15€ with advance reservation or 20€ drop-in.

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