Vedanta: Program for Progressive Living

Vedanta: Program for Progressive Living

12 Sundays 29 September – 15 December 10:00-11:00

vedantaHuman life constitutes of two main aspects, career and relationships. This
programme helps to learn and develop the techniques of career management
and the art of relationships. It is designed to steer one’s life towards
productivity, peace and prosperity.

The programme consists of 12 lectures divided into 3 sections.
Life and Living:
The quality of life is defined by the quality of the experiences one goes
through. The ancient wisdom of Vedanta helps one to understand the deeper
imports of life and living and gives way to improve the quality of experience to
enrich life.
1. Introduction of Vedanta and its Relevance to Life
2. Comprehensive Personality Development
3. Paradox of Life
4. Positive Values for Modern Living

Career Management:
The youth today choose career based on societal and peer pressure. This forces
them to take a field completely against their inner aptitude and make wrong
choices. Learn to identify your inner aptitude, chose a field of activity and how
to be an achiever in it.
5. Career Management
6. Stress Management
7. Secret for Success
8. Mould Yourself to be a Leader

Techniques to Relationships:
It’s not whom you meet in life that matters, it is how you meet. The art of
relationships is based on the ‘technique of relating’ rather than the person or
an object. So direct your efforts from searching the right partners to the art of
9. Setting Relationships Right
10. Inculcate Universal love
11. Guidelines for Parenting
12. Ultimate Objective in Life

Synopsis on Topics:

Life and Living

1. Introduction of Vedanta & its Relevance to Life
Living is an art, a technique one has to learn and practice just as they would learn and
practice any other art or technique. Vedanta provides an insight into life and living
which improves productivity, peace and prosperity.
2. Comprehensive Personality Development
What defines a human personality is not the external appearance but the internal
state. Delve deeper into the human anatomy to understand the components and the
thought textures of the personality. Further transform the personality to perfection.
3. Paradox of Life
At present the world is tossed between action and peace. Where there is action
people have lost their peace of mind and where there is peace there is hardly any
action. A paradox that is manifest in human life. Learn the art of performing dynamic
action with peace of mind.
4. Positive values for Modern living
The world today is bereft of fundamental values. Humanity has lost its morality and
culture along with peace and harmony. There are disturbances internally and
externally. Inculcate the fundamental values of life to resurrect peace within and
harmony outside.

Career Management

5. Career Management
The road to a successful and fulfilling careers starts with understanding ones inherent
tendencies and inclinations. Learn to identify your inner nature and pursue it.
6. Stress Management
It is no pessimism to state that the present world is infested with stress and strain.
With all advancement of science and technology people are still going through trials
and tribulations, worry and anxiety, sorrow and suffering. The happiness they claim to
experience is a streak of lightning in the darkness of distress. Investigate the cause of
stress and how to manage it.
7. Secret for Success
The world is governed by an infallible law of cause and effect. Study the causes
required to achieve success in any endeavour.
8. Mould Yourself to be a Leader
A leader is one who is looked up to and adored. A leader possesses adequate
knowledge, chaste emotions, clarity of thought and is service oriented. Learn these
qualities to stand out like a beacon for others to emulate.

Techniques to Relationships

9. Setting Relationships Right
It’s not whom you meet in life that matters, it is how you meet. The art of
relationships is based on the ‘technique of relating’ rather than the person or an
object. So direct your efforts from searching the right partners to the art of relating.
10. Inculcate Universal Love
Love is a noble emotion that serves as a pillar in any relationship. When love gets
polluted by selfishness it turns into preferential attachment which causes
disharmony. Educate yourself to convert preferential attachment to universal love.
11. Guidelines to Parenting
The obligation of a parent is to identify the child’s nature and guide them in life rather
than stifling the child with dos and don’ts. Learn to take mature steps to strengthen
the relationship by leading the way.
12. Ultimate Objective in Life
The underline factor behind any human activity is peace, happiness and contentment.
Learn to identify and attain real peace, happiness and contentment.

The teachers


Katharina and Rishanth are a young couple living in Mallorca. Grown up in diametrically opposed environments and cultures, they are today married and functioning together for the same cause of making people aware of Vedanta which helps improve the standard of living.

Katharina is German and practised physiotherapy in Germany. Rishanth was born and brought up in South India, studied mechanical engineering and worked in a valves company in Dubai. Both joined the Vedanta Academy in India in 2013 to take the three-year course on Vedanta philosophy. Thereafter they stayed at the Academy for 2 more years to consolidate the understanding and application in life.

During the time of study both realised the impact that Vedanta had in their life and how it helps many people in various aspects like work, relationships and peace of mind. As a result they decided to disseminate the knowledge of Vedanta to others.

12 Sundays 29 September – 15 December 10:00-11:00
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