The Zunray Spark September



As we open a new year of practice in the studio, I would love to share with you a very interesting yogic idea. It is the concept of yoga having no beginning. “How come?” You might be thinking that everything started at some point in time, that there was a moment when an ancient mystic first used the word yoga, right? Well, we tend to look for a source, for the first written evidence of something and so forth, but the first written text doesn’t mark the beginning of anything, on the contrary, it tends to show a previous long-existing tradition.

Yoga has no beginning because it is the inherent state of union among all aspects of beingness in every human being. Nothing in the outside can show it to us, but the practice on the mat can remind us to look within, to get quiet in the body and the mind so we can really observe and listen to what we already are, eternal souls in state of perfect unity with all beings everywhere and with the entire universe. You cannot really say “now, I start my yoga” because it has always been there. On the other hand, the word “beginning” shows the paradoxes of language to us because the process is not sequential in time, since linear time doesn’t really exist, and it happens in present moment awareness, in the here & now, beyond past or future.

If there is something that really helps us in this understanding of the eternity in our practice is maintaining a beginner´s attitude. Do you remember your first yoga class? Or the first time that you rode your bicycle without training wheels? A beginner attitude keeps us in awe towards revelation, innocent, non judgemental, playful, free from being demanding. Many of us have taken a break from our routines during the last few weeks and we have now the opportunity of re-entering the studio with this same wonderful open attitude. Even if we have been practicing for years, may we all be beginners!

Have an amazing month of September, yogins.
See you on the mat,
Aham Prema, Be love