The Zunray Spark September 2017


Namaste dear yogins!

A new academic year is about to start and once again I feel as when I used to prepare to go to school when I was a girl: new shoes, books ready and a huge excitement about all the things that I was going to learn and experience.

The following months, the theme that is going to serve us as guiding thread in our studies will be the exploration of the mind, in the Sparks as well as in my classes and courses. I don´t know if we share the same feeling, but I have the sensation that the world has gone really crazy lately. I know that I am not the first one to say this and that this same concern has been present as a recurrent issue for philosophers from all times. Also for yoga, since working with the mind is one of the pillars in this path.

Signs showing that the global mind is in need of a big transformation:

The difficulty in organizing our values and priorities. How is it possible that some people still deny global warming or that the environment is not the #1 goal for our politicians?!
Anxiety, stress and sleep disorders. There are more and more people commenting in the studio that they have problems with sleep or suffer from recurrent anxiety crisis. Research tells that all those are directly linked with the mind.
The incapacity to avoid the socio-economical traps that keep us stuck in the rat race.

Getting to know your mind, what it is, how it works and how it can shape your reality makes you free. Many people that I talk with through the day have no idea of what or who conducts their minds and lives. Tantra-yoga not only teaches that each one of us has the key to her/his own reality, it also shows you how to use it. Well. This is what we are going to do this year 2017-2018. Ambitious task! Ready??

Thilled to see you on the mat.
Om Shanti


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