The Zunray Spark May 2018

Namaste yogins,

Since the beginning of our “academic” year in September, the Sparks have explored
different themes related with the mind. Today I would like all of us to contemplate a
very basic but essential question: “How does the asana practice affect the mind?”.
All people that practice yoga agree in saying that one of the areas where they feel best
after class is at the level of the mind. After practicing, problems seem smaller, we don´t
have a thousand thoughts per minute and our attitude is lighter.

How is this possible?
Westerners tend to be puzzled by this because even though there is an enormous
amount of scientific and metaphysical evidence about the intrinsic union between the
body and the mind, in 2018 our education system still separates those aspects of our
selves. Truthfully, the mind is in the body and the body is in the mind in such a way that
when we perform yoga asana exercises we are literally transforming our mind and its
way of perceiving the world.

Yogins used to say that asanas purify and open the channels through which the vital
force of the universe flows within our bodies. Interestingly, those channels resemble
the nervous system and it happens that the nervous system is the bridge between the
physical and the subtle. Well, it also happens that the dynamic postures and the fluid
breathing of yoga affect the nervous system positively. Nowadays we are aware of the
importance of exercising and keeping the body active throughout the day.

Some of the mental benefits of exercising regularly are:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Generates the happiness hormones
  • Increases your self-esteem
  • Avoids cognitive degeneration
  • Yoga goes one step further and, in addition to all that, it allows you to be more creative;
    transforms negative thought patterns into more enhancing ideas about yourself and
    life; it helps you get in touch with your spiritual essence allowing you to develop your
    special talents in this lifetime; it brings you closer to others awakening your most
    expansive compassion and love; and it allows your joy of living to flow freely!

    See you on the mat to work on our bodies, minds, and souls.
    Peace and Love,