The Zunray Spark May 2017


When we are too comfortable, we don´t change. Yoga invites us to evolve by burning our inner thoughts, ideas, believes and, yes, toxins too. This is why the essential principle for life this month is the deep desire to transform all the things in our lives that can be improved.

There is a very important characteristic in any spiritual practice, asana practice, meditation or mindfulness: heat is created, as an inner fire that allows transformation to happen within you. Yogins used to say that this fire of consciousness not only burns body impurities, but it also has the capacity of burning negative thoughts and all the wrong ideas about life.

I don´t know if you have ever lit a fire, probably yes. In order for it to last and burn uniformly, it needs your whole attention. You can´t just light it and live it alone, it needs to be pampered so it doesn´t go out in some areas and on the other hand to stop it from start burning so strongly that it causes a disaster. With spiritual practice something similar occurs: you want to generate an internal heat that burns uniformly and constantly all that that doesn’t serve you anymore, all the things that burden you and have to be transformed. In order for that to happen, you have to be there, paying attention, pampering the process, which at times is not the most pleasant thing in the world.

How do I recognize if my practice is generating the necessary heat for burning those impurities?

  • You feel physical heat when you practice on the mat
  • Sweaty pearls appear on your skin, without making you sweat profusely.
  • You feel a uniform heat in your muscles and there is not one muscle group burning more than others.
  • On the surface of your mind you can perceive uncomfortable feelings, unpleasant emotions or you might even feel like crying.
  • You get lightly mad with your own thoughts and your mind.
  • You feel a touch of anger against social injustice that sparks up the desire to change the world.

Take advantage of the inner heat and purify both internally and externally,

See you on the mat!
Om Shanti

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