The Zunray Spark March 2018

march spark

Namaste yogins,

There is a practice that is considered the key to maintain the transparency, calmness, and natural peace of the mind. Not only it keeps us centered on the right track, it also prevents injury, helps us progress steadily on the mat and reminds us every second that we are love:
it is the four infinite thoughts. They are four attitudes towards the world that never fail when we want to solve any inner or outer conflicts.

Maitri, the infinite kindness that removes from our heart-minds all kinds of animosity or violence. It is nurtured by the desire to be a “friend” to yourself and to others. The most harmful impurity in our mind is violence, in our thoughts, speech or actions. Being
cordial or nice is simple and can transform the world.

Karuna, the infinite compassion that makes us want to free others and ourselves, from their pain. When we see someone suffering, the natural impulse is to try to do something to alleviate that pain. Within every yogin there is a great undercover activist!

Mudita, the infinite happiness towards the achievements of others. It is the authentic admiration towards others when things go well for them or they advance in their life paths. It is especially important when those people are not our favorite beings in the world or when we don´t get along with them.

Upeksha, the infinite equanimity that makes us be as kind, compassionate and joyful towards the people that we resonate with as well as towards those that we don´t harmonise as much. It is easy to love a friend, right? But what about an enemy? Upeksha doesn’t say that you have to be best buddies with the entire world, but it does encourage us to cultivate an equal attitude of respect and equanimity towards what we like as well as towards what we don´t like.

This month, practice one infinite thought per week, bring it to your mat and work it in regards to your body-mind-heart during every breath, movement and asana.

Happy beginning of Spring!! See you on the mat!
Peace and love,