The Zunray Spark June 2018

Namaste yogins,

In June, we celebrate International Yoga Day and it happens during the Summer Solstice. Yogins all around the world get together to practice, meditate and honor the union with the whole and the multidimensionality of our existence.

My dearest teacher of meditation and mantra taught me that there are special places in the body where different layers of our reality converge, gates where we enter and exit levels of reality. We could say that they are places in the map of our subtle body where the body and the mind get together. Psycho-energetic centers where universal energy spins like a wheel. The ancient yogins called them spinning wheels of energy or “chakras” in Sanskrit. Each one of those chakras governs different aspects of our mental, emotional and physical development and, given the fact that in order for us to live fully we need to develop the positive characteristics of all those centers, let´s have a look at what those qualities are:

Chakra 1
Base of the torso
Stability, security, sense of belonging and connection to the Earth. Having a healthy relationship with the material aspects of life and with money. Peace within the physical body, its density and form.
Chakra 2
Center of the pelvis
Fluidity, dealing with emotions, sensuality and sexuality. Delighting in the pleasures of life. The capacity of knowing how to flow through circumstances and managing emotions.
Chakra 3
Solar plexus
Will power, the capacity to connect with your inner power. Harmony between oneself and the world. Sense of cooperation and team work.
Chakra 4
Center of the chest
Unconditional love and devotion. Love without a reason, feeling of being one with all those around us. Being at the service of others and desire to share goodness and peace.
Chakra 5
Communication and creativity. Communicating from the highest level of our existence filling the inner space of our listeners with wisdom and light.
Chakra 6
Between the eyebrows
Sense of union with the personal Self. Intuition, imagination and the capacity to see beyond matter. Dissolution of the dualistic mind, the one that separates between left and right, moon-sun, feminine-masculine, etc.
Chakra 7
Merging with totality. Transcendental existence. Sense of absolute union of body-mind-soul. Full development of the human being.

Happy International Day of Yoga! See you on the mat, beautiful beings.