The Zunray Spark June 2017



June brings the beginning of Summer, the light is splendorous and we celebrate the International Day of Yoga, but, what do the people that dedicate our lives to this practice study? Keep reading this summery Spark.

At first sight, you might think that when people attend a yoga class the object of study are exercises that keep the physical body healthy and the mind calm with different meditation practices. However, when you start to go deeper, you realize that the truest goal of our path is the study of the Self. For thousands of years yogins have been occupied on one side, with learning how to “be” a better person and how to cultivate the highest virtues; and on the other side, we have been studying the “Self” (with capital letters), the essence of life and the organization of the universe.

Life is a lot richer and more satisfactory if you create the space to reflect on the most transcendental questions. When I was a teenager, a dear cousin used to call me “mystic” because besides chatting about music or boys I loved to talk about spirituality and many other subtle matters. Down deep, it was what I loved the most. The study of the Self is an essential principle that allows you to live better and longer. We need to philosophize, turn things around and contemplate what lies beyond our eyes.


  • Because you are a universal being and until you start exploring the deeper side of your reality, you will not find true happiness.
  • Because the process is very different from the way you learnt at school.
  • Because it keeps your mind open, awake and at peace simultaneously; your body lively, healthy and elastic; and your heart loving and compassionate.
  • Because the result of how we have been thinking about life until now is disastrous, you only have to turn on the news. And the solutions to our global problems can only arise from the highest aspects of people´s Self.

Ah, and I forgot to tell you: it is fun and fascinating. You will never be bored and will be learning all kinds of things, both inside and outside.

Every day, dedicate some time to study who you are. Come to class, contemplate what you have done during those ninety minutes, read books, articles, posts (you are doing it right now) and enjoy it.

See you on the mat!
Om Shanti


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