The Zunray Spark July

july spark

Namaste yogins,

I can´t believe that we are already in the last Spark of the “academic” year. During all
these months, we have taken a very interesting tour through the mental plane of our
existence and I would like to end it writing about the right perception.

In the path of yoga, the first and most important mental tangle is “avidya” which means
precisely “to not see”. Well, I have the sensation that many of our current problems
come from not seeing things as they are. The lack of understanding among ourselves,
the inability to pierce through the veil of illusion or the impossibility of perceiving things
from different points of view, lock us often times in one unique vision of the shared
circumstances. To not talk about concepts like the post-truth or about the fact that
many times that happens in a superficial level of experience. Here are some examples
of often times we don´t “see”, you might identify yourself with some of them: we enjoy
salaries that provide us with luxuries that are unthinkable for most people in the planet
and we still think that we don´t have enough; we live surrounded by people that love us
and we still feel alone; we feel disempowered against societal issues, but we don´t take
action, etc, etc. and that is how the huge tower of Babel in which we currently live is

On the contrary, yoga and deep spirituality invite us to see correctly, free from mental
filters, realizing the authentic beings that we are, precious beings of Light, Wisdom and
Love, infinitely compassionate, creative, eternal. Yoga says that life is essentially good,
that we are here to understand, to share goodness and to celebrate each moment.
Today I say good-bye until September, but I invite you to stay centered this Summer in
observing beauty, in looking for the good in everything and when negativity overcomes
us, to ask ourselves:

Do I have the real vision in this circumstance?
Is this the right perception?
Is this thought true?

Happy Summer, dear yogins, full of happiness and celebration!!
See you on the mat,
Om Shanti