The Zunray Spark July 2017



One of my favourite things to do is go to the beach, lie down and surrender completely while I listen to the sound of the waves, feel the balmy breeze or the warm sand underneath my body. I let go fully. All is good and taken care of. Yoga tells us that this same exercise of surrendering could be an underlying force in our lives and today it is the essential principle for life that I invite you to contemplate this month.

Can you fully let go? What does it take to surrender unconditionally to the process? Over the years, I have seen that it is only when we are in a very challenging situation, one of those where you find yourself between a rock and a hard place, when you can´t see the way out or when everything is lost that we say something like “thy will be done”, handing over the reins to something bigger. This attitude can be a constant presence and it has significant benefits for all aspects of our lives.

First, it allows you to relax. Life is a lot easier when you soften because you know deep inside yourself that you are being held in the current, flowing through the events that are meant for you to experience.

Second, it shows that you are not only a body with a thinking mind. Surrendering means to connect with the higher Self that is waiting inside to be discovered by you.

It enhances the high virtues of trust, devotion and humility. We have been taught that we need to push hard, to force events, and mould circumstances until they take the path that we think they have to take when, in reality, we are just a character playing a role in the big picture of life.

Enjoy the Summer and allow life to happen. Relax and celebrate.

See you on the mat, super yogin!
Om Shanti


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