The Zunray Spark January 2018


Namaste, dear yogins,
Have you already made the new year´s resolutions list? If you are, STOP. If not, then you are
reading this at the right moment. There is a yogic technique that teaches us how to
create powerful pathways in our lives, and it is called sankalpa.

Kalpa means “idea or notion that arises from the heart”. It is an affirmation or
determined vow.
San means “the same as” and it refers to the fact that it is equal to your center
of Light or to the essential spark of divinity that you are.
Therefore, sankalpa is a resolution that materializes out in the world what you
authentically are.

The most popular resolutions are the ones related with health in general or with
activities that we would like to do throughout the year like loosing the extra pounds, quit
smoking, saving for travelling, reading more or helping with the household chores. All
those are great, but the practice of sankalpa allows us to work at a deeper level and it
helps us to change mental patterns that determine the way we relate to life and the
world. Choosing a resolution is something that must be done consciously. I would
recommend that you spend a few days feeling and meditating on what is that you really
want to see manifesting in your life.
I have created a small list of possible sankalpas for 2018 that might inspire you to choose or create your own:

I celebrate each day with joy.
I am peace and live every day full of patience.
My body is harmonious, strong and knows how to adapt to the changes.
Life always brings me what I need for my evolution.
I am open to see the lessons, each day I learn something new.
I am an eternal soul living the fascinating adventure of human incarnation.

Oh! And remember to take a gentle breath and focus on the feeling each time that you
pronounce your sankalpa.
See you on the mat!!
Peace and Love