The Zunray Spark February 2018



I find February fascinating, not only because it is the month of the red hearts, but also because we are in the raw part of Winter, the time when the festivities of the new year were far left behind and it becomes very important that we reinforce our good resolutions so they don´t fall into oblivion.

Yogins knew very well that there are stretches in the path harder more uphill than others and this is why they listed five super powers that help immensely when the times of forgetfulness, laziness or discouragement come, and believe me when I tell you that all of us have a good share of those.

The first one is trust, shraddha, not as blind faith but as the deep certainty of the truth and meaning of the chosen path. Shraddha means “the space where you place your heart” and it works in a similar way to the feeling of being in the middle of a cold and snowy wintery day and remembering that Spring will come at some point.

The second one is the valor or strength to keep going, virya in Sanskrit. Once you have experienced even the smallest hint of what is possible, you will do whatever is in your hand to make it a constant reality in life, right? When you go to yoga class, your body-mind holds the memory of the previous class achievements and you work towards the execution and surpassing of those past milestones.

Then comes the awareness of being present, smriti. It is an interesting idea because it refers to being aware of the present moment and, at the same time, being aware of your past memories and mistakes that create your present so you don´t repeat them.

Discernment or prajnya is the fourth super power and is the wisdom to differentiate between the Self with capital letters and the “self” or personality. This super power helps me a lot, especially when moving around the world of illusions that we live in.

And last, there is the contemplative meditation, samadhi, that keeps alive the perpetual union between your small individual self with the Absolute, with the Supreme Consciousness that you already are.

So cheer up, unwavering Zunray yogi, the universe (and your practice) supports you in your path of awakening!

See you on the mat!!
Peace & Love