The Zunray Spark December 2017


Namaste yogins,

A fourteen-year-old girl told me a few days ago that she didn´t feel like coming to class because all that people do in yoga is sitting and chanting Om. I loved it. Her innocent heart was expressing the most generalized idea that Spaniards have about how a yoga class is. Here, the concept of yoga being a path of inner evolution through the practice of meditation is still alive.

There is an ancient sutra, or yogic aphorism, that says that the state of calmed peacefulness happens when the mind stops turning things around misinterpreting reality.

It is very important to bring the mind back into its natural harmony because it is the filter through which the highest energy from your higher Self manifests into the world of physical matter. We could say that your mind translates your soul´s directives and the message arrives in your material body only after it has been interpreted by the mind. This is why it is so important that the translation program used is in the best state possible, otherwise we will continue misinterpreting and turning things around incorrectly.

This sutra mentions the word “virtti” that means whirlwind and is used to talk about the whirlwinds of thoughts that are constantly moving throughout our mental body and that are so annoying. Those swirls can move so fast that we become incapable of seeing reality as it is. Here you have an exercise to find calm in the mind during those crazy moments:

Lay belly down over a blanket on the floor and support your forehead on your arms.
Bring your attention to your breath. Soften your abdomen and breathe out through the mouth a few times.
Release the tension from your forehead, jaw, tongue, shoulders, belly and pelvis. If it is necessary, shake your body gently side to side.
Then bring again your attention to the breath. Inhale and exhale as slow as possible. Continue breathing slow, calm and rhythmically for five or ten minutes.
When is time to come up, become aware of the fact that your mind´s whirlwinds have calm down and that your vision of the now is more direct and real.

Celebrate and be peace this holiday season!!!

See you on the mat,
Om Shanti