The Zunray Spark April 2018


Namaste yogins,

April is fully here, giving us green colors everywhere and a wonderful sensation of renewal and purity. It is the time of taking off the Winter layers and allow the sun light and warm breeze to caress every part of our body-mind-soul. One fundamental yogic principle says that there are three reasons why we perceive reality as limited and differentiated objects, allowing us to see the multiplicity of forms instead of the unity of the field. Even though you and I are part of a continuous unity, we perceive ourselves as a you and an I. These three reasons are like layers or cloaks that conceal the essence of things but that can be taken off at any moment, almost as if you went for a walk in a warm Spring afternoon and took off your coat exposing the skin to the Sun.

There are authors that write about the malas, this is their Sanskrit name, as impurities that fog the mind, so if you are looking to do a mental detox this year, what is best than knowing about them?

The idea that you are a being separated from the totality. We look at ourselves and see that our bodies end at the boundary of our skin, when those limits only exist in the perception of the human eye. Both yoga and science affirm that our bodies and minds are a small wave in the ocean of existence. Even though we perceive them as individual entities, could we separate their foamy crests from the rest of the sea?

The believe that you and I are different entities when the tiny personality features that make us unique are minuscule if we compare them with all the qualities that make us exactly the same. Recognizing the unity among all the beings that together create reality allows us to celebrate the multiplicity and differences from a more inclusive, compassionate and loving perspective.

Conditioned actions
The attachment to the result of our actions conditions us and, on the contrary, we manifest ourselves as the radically free beings that we already are when we become aware of the fact that there is nothing to gain nor anything to let go of because we are already full.

This month, may we practice being pure consciousness and celebrate life!
See you on the mat,