The Zunray Spark April 2017


Years ago I had the privilege of studying with a very wise and charismatic teacher. Picture an American man, large in size, well, better said, enormous, with a shaved head and dressed with the saffron-colored clothing of a Buddhist monk. When Marut entered the room, he would fill it up with his presence and, when he started speaking, his powerful voice and precision using his words were absolutely irresistible.

One day he told us that he was going to teach one of the most powerful mantras in yoga, one of those that has the capacity to transform your life like very few other things. He straightened his posture, closed his eyes, took a deep breath in and repeated three times:

Om, I have enough, Om

The moment that the ones in the room heard the mantra for the first time, many of us swallowed some silly giggles while others felt the slight pinch of disappointment because the teaching seemed too simple. The truth is that one of the essential principles for life is contentment or being satisfied with what one has in the present moment.

Our consumerism society is precisely based in the opposite, in creating the desire to have the newest mobile phone model or going to the trendiest restaurant or attending the next yoga retreat. The fulfillment of outer desires has damaged our capacity to enjoy life and experience the fullness of existence. Very few people are capable of delighting with what is here and now, but when you start realizing that you don´t lack anything, then you start to appreciate the details that make your life wonderful and to be grateful for all the people and actions that make it possible for you to live as you live and be who you are. (Wake up! 99% percent of the population in the world are not as fortunate as you…)

This month, I invite you to practice the mantra
Om, I have enough, Om
and, if it is possible, write me and tell me how it goes.

With immense gratitude and appreciation I will see you on the mat.

Om Shanti

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