Lolly Stirk Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training Course at ZUNRAY


This course you will enable you to teach a form of yoga to pregnant women which:

  • Blends all stages of pregnancy, from 14 weeks to birth
  • Provides the potential for an interactive forum for learning on all levels.
  • Combines breathing with postures which is the ideal preparation for labour and birth both physically and emotionally.
  • Includes childbirth education, empowering women with information for decision making

Schedule 2019

1-3 March 2019 (Friday – Sunday)
10:00-15:00 daily(5h/day)

Total cost €290

We will cover:

  • The anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labour and birth relevant to yoga teachers
  •  Hormones – mind/body effects
  •  Active Birth – History and Philosophy
  •  Optimal Foetal Positioning
  •  Preparing the Pelvic floor – awareness, exercises and massage.
  •  The use of props to enhance postures, relaxation and sleep
  •  Breathing through labour and birth
  •  Positions for labour and birth – instinctive movement
  •  Water and some complimentary therapies for labour

Lolly Stirk

zunray pregnancy yoga

Lolly is a leading light in her field. Her career over 40 years has been dedicated to creating and developing the ideal yoga practice for pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. She began her study of yoga in 1970 and with the birth of her daughter in 1974 she was drawn into the world of birth. Her birth gurus include Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin and Janet Balaskas with whom she studied for many years. The Yoga Teachers who inspired her the most and with whom she trained included Donna Hollerman, B.K.S. Iyengar, Mary Stewart and Sandra Sabbatini who introduced her to Vanda Scaravelli with whom she worked for a number of years. Her husband John Stirk author of ‘The Original Body’ continues to influence her approach to practice and teaching.

Lolly is also a doula and a certified Hypnobirther and formulated the term ‘Hypnobreathing’ an essential practice which she passes on to women in her classes.

As a founder member of the Active Birth Movement in the 1980′s she campaigned for the rights of women to move freely and instinctively to birth their babies. For 15 years, as director of yoga studies of the “Active Birth Teachers Training Course” with Janet Balaskas, Lolly trained scores of yoga teachers specialising in pregnancy, postnatal yoga combined with childbirth education.

She lectured for many years to midwives at Thames Valley University and in hospitals throughout the UK, sharing her expertise on the physiology of active birth.

Lolly continues with her work in London in her private practice, and at the leading centre Triyoga, where she teaches pregnancy yoga and Active Birth Workshops on a regular basis. She also a founder member and elder of YogaBirth for whom she mentors students and runs a postnatal training course.