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Sridaiva is a body-mind postural method which cultivates radiant health and well-being through a positive attitude expressed in an optimal bow-spring alignment. It is a life practice in which students take accountability for their own health and happiness through informed choices of their own posture.

Sridaiva is an alternative movement and postural modality, which can be applied to yoga, athletics, or to any dynamic posture — sitting, standing, and walking. Students of all ages, particularly over 40, can benefit for the use of the bowspring alignment to optimize their body-mind health.

The bow-spring template describes optimal neutral alignment for the human spine, which has a circumferential fullness in the thoracic (primary curve), and uniform arches in the lower back and in the neck (secondary curves). In this undulating curved shape of the spine and torso, the entire back body is isometrically engaged into a loaded spring of connective tissue (myofascia).

From the pads of the big toe all the way up to the sacrum, and from the fingertips all the way down to the sacrum, the bow-spring is loaded and engaged in a balanced way. Every posture and movement then becomes a dynamic expansion of the bow-spring in which the spine is actively decompressed and fully lengthened. The myofascia is concentrically toned around the core of the torso like a unified muscle suit.



Using the bow-spring alignment of Sridaiva at any age can create a balanced tonus throughout the body, which creates tensile strength, precise balance, and rooted lightness while using the least amount of physical energy.

Sridaiva alignment optimizes performance, offers powerful therapeutic realignment for the lower back and hips , decreases joint and bone degeneration, bolsters the immune system, recalibrates the neuro-glandular system, and empowers the spirit of the student to cultivate a positive mindset.


Although the system is designed to be easily comprehensible for any level of student, Sridaiva is not easy to practice at first. Sridaiva is based on a simple template for good postural alignment, but the practice is challenging because:

It targets 4 key unconscious postural patterns of protection, pain-reduction, and sensory withdrawal, which leads to health imbalances. The 4 key somatic areas of the body mind in which Sridaiva focuses on balancing and opening energetically are: the undercarriage (pelvic floor), under-belly (solar plexus), under-arms (heart), under-chin (throat). The Sridaiva alignments recalibrate and re-pattern each of these common postural tendencies, so during the first days of the practice the optimal template may be somatically experienced as strange and emotionally uncomfortable.

The Sridaiva method requires conscious toning of all the extensor muscles of the posterior body, including upward mounding of the glutes, which few students can do with any consistency at first. Overall, new students to Sridaiva find the most basic alignment of the optimal template challenging due to weak body-mind connection in key areas of the back of the body (posterior chain of myofascia).

The key alignment instructions are very different and many times opposite than what is often taught in other schools of modern postural yoga, classical dance, or in other postural alignment systems, so Sridaiva challenges the students mind to be open to try something avant-garde and alternative in their bodies.


What people say about Sridaiva

The science behind it is fascinating, but not nearly as much as the presence and practice of it. The truth is this may just be the greatest thing to hatha yoga since Krishnamacarya or Iyengar developed whole new approaches, and it would only be my attachments to being right that would prevent me from seeing it. I know in my case that won’t be. I am willing to risk it all to know real freedom.” – Mitchel Bleier


“Practico yoga desde hace muchos años, pero de tus clases de Sridaiva salgo como si fuera una mariposa. ¡Nada me duele y me siento volar! El Arco Dinámico funciona!!” -Maricarmen

“Me siento mucho más vital y energética que antes. Estoy generando energía desde la mañana hasta la noche!” -Lola

“El Arco Dinámico es una pasada para la salud. No sé cómo lo hace, ¡pero así es!” -Louise


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