The Zunray Spark December


Namaste yogins,

The month of December is a time to be festive, make friends and cultivate kula. This is why the theme for the holidays is related with one of my favorite tantra yoga elements: the idea that all of us are part of an ever-expanding web of consciousness. Seen from an energetic perspective, we are not different from one another, neither we are separated from each other even though the illusion of what we see with our physical eyes might show differently.

The Sanskrit word “kula” means “family” or “clan” highlighting the importance of loving connection and of the support that we offer each other as a way of enhancing not only the individual, but also the entire group. The yogic community relationships are open and inclusive because we think of family from the broader perspective of the universal. With this, yoga wants to express that we can keep a welcoming attitude, without creating borders to our kind hearts. Every person that we encounter is part of the network that we are in, we can treat each other as friends and remaining compassionate towards everything and everyone.

There are people that feel indifference towards the holidays, you might be one of them and you might not even feel like celebrating anything special. The truth is that you don´t have to, but we all can make of this time an exercise of generosity and kindness:

  • Sharing a smile, a hug, a few minutes of your time.
  • Refraining from speaking negatively about others or life (this includes political/worldly affairs).
  • Finding the good or the beautiful in others and telling them.
  • Cultivating happy thoughts towards the people that you dislike the most.
  • Donating to an organization that cares for the planet or for human beings in need.

Happy days of connecting with others!
See you on the mat.

Aham Prema, We are Love