The Zunray Spark May



Mmm… May came with its flowers, colors, warm breezes and vitality. How easy to get distracted chasing butterflies, smelling roses or day dreaming while we lie down on the grass or, in Mallorca´s case, on the sand! This month, essentially feminine, submerges us in the sensory universe of Prakruti, the matrix of material existence.

According to yoga, reality unfolds in two main characteristics that are primordial and complementary. On one hand, we have the material side and, on the other, the metaphysical. This second one will be the theme for the Spark in June, for now, let´s stay centered in the first one: Prakruti, the matter that we experience through the senses. Prakruti is the feminine aspect of existence, what is manifested, immanent and changing. Women are considered representatives of Prakruti, as well as the cycles of the moon, the yearly seasons or the power of creation.

The sense organs allow us to commune with Nature, this is why in yoga we pay so much attention to how we experience life through them in a conscious way. This month, we invite you to pay special attention to the following every time that you hop on your mat:

The sound of your breath, the chant Aum or the mantras, the joyful chirping of the birds in the alley. These primordial sounds nurture your sense of hearing.

The luminosity in the room, the observation of the posture´s beauty, of the way your body performs them but also of the way your classmates or teacher do them. All of that nourishes your sight.

The sensation of the warm air on your skin, even the feeling of sweat surfacing because weather is already warmer, the coarse surface of the mat, the physical contact when you say hello or kindly hug your friends and teachers. All of it, food for your touch.

The refreshing feeling in your mouth when you drink water after the practice or the taste of the organic teas before entering the shala. Those not only hydrate your body, they nurture your sense of taste.

The smell of incense and the essential oils that some teachers use during the conscious relaxation at the end of practice. Allow them to delight your sense of smell.

Being alive is a gift and yoga invites us to take advantage of every second that we are present on the Earth. May we use matter as the object of our meditation, contemplating every one of its aspects with great love and gratitude.

See you on the mat, yogins!

Aham prema – we are love


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