The Zunray Spark March

HoliNamaste yogins,

Life is amazing when we pay attention and stay centered in seeing the many opportunities that it brings us so we can celebrate that we are here. If there is one occasion to party big time, it is the Indian Holi, the festivity of color and love towards life that happens throughout the day and night of the new moon on March 20th. This year, it coincides with the Spring Equinox in the North hemisphere, so let´s awaken joy in our lives!

You might have heard of Holi because in the last few years it has become very popular among occidental travelers, there is even a famous cosmetics brand that has a line of fragrances that uses its name. In truth, it is a very ancient holiday and already mentioned in classical yoga and Hindu texts. It is joyful and vital, full of positive energy and also of innocent excesses that praise life. People enjoy eating delicious meals and sweets that day, sharing time, laughter and love. The youngest ones throw colored powders to one another and the focus is set on joy and playfulness.

Joy is one of the most desirable emotions, and even though we might think that it is impossible to control how we feel, it is not that way. Yoga teaches us that, at any given moment, we are capable to choose emotions with higher vibrational states like joy, love and peace. When you practice yoga asana, meditate and study yoga philosophy, you take control of the reins of the mind and, therefore, of your emotional state. Joy is good for your health, it can dissolve complex inner conflicts and create an honest sense of unity among all. The other day, Antonio Carmona (a very famous flamenco singer) said that if politicians sat together to sing and party, many problems would be solved. May we take advantage of the joyful vibration that the beginning of Spring and Holi bring us and dance joyfully through the month.

See you on the mat!

Aham prema – We are love


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