The Zunray Spark January



And life says these days “Welcome to a brand new year!!!” A new beginning, an opportunity to start fresh because this year is the first one of the rest of our lives. We are so fortunate to be able to be here, on Earth 2019, and to be able to choose how we want to be here that how could we NOT try to live with the highest awareness.

As the new year that just started to unfold and the same way that a flower begins its existence as a tiny little bud, yoga invites us to initiate the practice always from the inside.

Physically – it means that the focus for the practice is set in the subtle inner body. It is true that we perform asanas in the outside, but always maintaining the awareness that there is an inner imprint or energetic architecture that sustains the perceived material forms. The posture stops being forced or imposed and becomes a manifestation of what is felt in the inside, then it flows as an emanation from the heart of all things.

Mentally – it means that we are less and less tangled in the mental fluctuations of ill thinking that separate us from ourselves and from others. That includes thinking/talking negatively, comparison, criticism or gossip. Contrary to that, we spend more time seeing the light in everything and in all circumstances. Our relationships with people start to become more authentic because we show ourselves to the world with less filters and more clarity.

Spiritually – moving from the inside in the plane of spirit means that we become certain of being soul incarnated in a sacred body-mind-heart. Therefore, everything that we do, say or think has the capacity of coming from this level of existence. The distance between personal self and universal self becomes smaller and the barriers dissolve more and more.

Welcome 2019! May we share many amazing yoga moments, may our joined practice bring light and love to the entire universe.

See you on the mat!

Aham prema – we are love