The Zunray Spark February



Each February I take advantage of the red hearts mood to reflect with more emphasis about love. I don´t only do it because we are near Valentines, but because love is the only way, even though it might seem corny or commercial. I still don´t know an inner growth tradition that doesn´t wear love as its banner.

You have probably realized that my latests Sparks end with the phrase “aham prema”. Today, let me explain its meaning and the reason why it is my slogan this year.

Prema – means elevated love, the one you feel in all three planes of existence: body, mind and soul. It contrasts with kama, the delicious sensual love that is shared with another human being and prema is independent from interpersonal relationships as it has a much broader range than what most people are used to.

Aham – means “I am”, as an affirmation of beingness.

The literal translation is “I am love”, but I really like to use the first-person plural “We are love” because ultimately, you and I are one, we are the same conscious reality, one undivided I.

Love is the feeling that brings us to establish relationships with other people, animals, places or circumstances. Its nature is to create bonds with something different from oneself and, this way, it maintains alive the web of consciousness that we build together and that holds life on the planet. It awakens the energetic current of manifestation and it speaks about the cosmos´s desire to create because love is the vital pulse that makes it possible for the eternal energy to take form giving rise to finite creations in the plane of matter.

Elevated and universal, it has the capacity to heal wounds, transform the densest blockages, filling life with beauty and joy. Yoga says that thanks to this love we refine and elevate our joined vibration and that is what allows us to evolve in peace and light.

We are love, yogins, may we share it through our actions, words and thoughts.

See you on the mat,