The Zunray Spark April


Namaste yogins,

There is a very special birthday this month. On April 19th yogins all around the planet will celebrate the birth of one of the most auspicious, inspirational and devoted figures in our tradition. I am talking about Hanuman, a god with a human body and the sweetest monkey face. He is one of the central characters in the classical Ramayana and is adored all around India. Among his many virtues, he manifests the most exquisite spirit of service being aware of his place within the conscious web of cosmic order. Hanuman serves love, rightness and life. This is why I would like to invite you to join us in doing something quite significant: dedicate your practice to others during the entire month.

Here you have some easy and fun ways of doing it:

Come to class even on those days that you don´t feel like it, get off your couch and meet yourself on the mat for the sake of others, be uncomfortable or happy for them and dedicate the fruits of your practice to them.

During the centering time in the beginning of the class, think of the person, group of people, animal, country or cause for whom you are going to do your yoga.

Choose practices that will help you to cultivate Hanuman qualities like valor, strength, trust or selfless service. Challenge yourself a little on and off the mat as a way to show yourself that you can do more than what you thought.

Use this small prayer when you finish:
“May the fruits of my practice serve others, may the object/person of your dedication be eternally happy and free”.

Last, because on April 22nd is Earth Day, choose a non-profit organization related to this subject and make a donation or get more actively involved. Maybe, choose to eat only organic products and make some decisions to live in a more sustainable way.

See you on the mat, valorous yogins!

Aham prema – We are love