Private yoga classes

Zunray gives you the opportunity to further advance your practice through private yoga classes. In a private yoga class the teaching is adapted to your needs by the teacher of your choice.
therapeutic yoga
This type of class is highly recommended if:

  • You want to refine in a personalized way some aspect of your yoga
  • You want to practice at your own pace, honoring the most of your personal circumstances
  • If you have any problem or condition that makes you uncomfortable in a regular class setting
  • group classes don´t fit your schedule

The schedule for private classes depends on the availability of the rooms and the teacher. If you come to his or her group class regularly, the easiest way is to talk to your teacher afterwards and make an appointment with them. If you don’t come to regular classes at the studio, please give us a call to make an appointment.


1 hour 90€

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lamentablemente tenemos que cerrar el estudio para las clases presenciales pero ya podemos ofreceros  clases online
Unfortunately we have had to close the studio for classes but twe're excited to be able to offer you  classes online