Pregnancy yoga classes

Zunray offers special classes for the magical process of pregnancy. Pregnancy Yoga is a wonderful way to connect more deeply with your body and soul as you become a mother and welcome a new child into the world.

embarazadasThe practice is designed to mantain your heart opened, your body strong and your mind relaxed as you move along so many changes. The Yoga poses are adapted to meet the needs of the different stages of pregnancy so you can come to class until the time of your due date.

Pregnancy Yoga is an excellent preparation for birth since you will learn about your breath, the optimal birth positions and ways to stay calm and centered. These classes also give you the opportunity to share your personal experiences with other expecting mothers.

For attending the prental yoga classes no previous yoga experience is required.

We will form groups per trimestre. The cost for trimestre is 150€ (12 classes). If you start later in the trimestre or your due date is before the trimestre ends you can pay the proportional part. If you are visiting Mallorca or cannot commit to regular classes you can join for 18€ per class. Please send us a message in advance to let us know you will be joining. The class is currently only taught in Spanish.


Tuesdays 11:15 – 12:30 with Esther.


Single class18€
Trimestre 12 classes150 €
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