The Zunray Spark October


This month the focus of the Spark is the dedication to the spiritual practice, called Sadhana in Sanskrit. There is a famous quote by Patthabi Jois, the acclaimed yogin and creator of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system, that says “practice, practice and all is coming”. I love it because when one gets discouraged, doesn´t see the end of the tunnel or is not having the results that one thinks that should be happening, it helps a lot to remember that little six words phrase.

Sadhana is the practice of realization and its literal translation “a means of accomplishing something” points towards the pragmatic component of the path. Also, it is important to remember that there is indeed a goal for the practice that has nothing to do with cultivating a sculptural body. Sadhana is about the realization and awakening of our true nature as soul beings incarnated in a fascinating physical body. An elastic, strong and dynamic body is an important part of the wholesome realization of ourselves, but only part.

Often times I am asked about what to include in the sadhana. Throughout the month we will develop in class each one of them, but here you have a short list with five components that will make your spiritual practice more complete:

Asana – practice for the physical body
Mantra – practice of the sounds of yoga
Pranayama – practice of conscious breathing
Seated meditation – practice of the calm connection with Self
Swadhyaya – practice of the study of the Self by reading and studying yogic texts

The sadhaka is the one that offers him/herself to the spiritual practice with passion and total trust, capable of recognizing the signs of being on the right path. Some of those positive signs are:

Progress in the execution of the outer components (asanas, pranayama exercises and mantra)
Serenity and peace
Joy and absence of fear
Sweetness in the way of moving and in worldly relationships
Luminous presence

Happy month, yogins! See you on the mat.
Aham Prema – May we be love,