The Zunray Spark November

A devotee lights oil lamps at a religious ceremony during the Diwali or Deepavali festival at a Hindu temple in Colombo


November is the month of two of my favorite holidays. India celebrates Diwali on the 7th, which is the festival for the triumph of Light, and a couple of weeks after that, North America will be wearing the colors of Thanksgiving, a festivity of gratitude and bonding.

The practice of yoga invites us to see the light, the positive and the good everywhere in life. It is interesting because our Western society, based on consumerism works the other way around. The current human being is more centered in fulfilling superfluous desires in the future or in looking at what he/she doesn’t have at this moment, rather than in opening the eyes to the already existing abundance, wellness and goodness.

As yogins we cultivate moment to moment satisfaction and wholesomeness. Have you ever noticed the half-smile in Buddha´s face? He exudes an incredible peaceful state of contentment. There is a way of enhancing those qualities and becoming more of a buddha:  staying centered in being grateful for how things are right now. Every being on this planet deserves everything good, but on the other hand, we shouldn’t take anything for granted. Many times during the day, pause and say “thank you”, especially for the small things, those details that seem insignificant like the happy chant of the rooster in the morning, the calmness when you enter the studio or the rhythmic movement of your chest as you breathe.

When we stop to contemplate all small things as gifts, the energy of abundance wakes up and starts to flow as rivers of golden lifeforce. Abundance is not a matter of money, but mostly, of the feelings and thoughts that come when we are joyous, happily centered and conscious of being one with the universe.

Thank you all for being, thank you for being part of our community.

See you on the mat,

aham prema, we are love