Shirin Djavidi

Shirin Djavidi

Shirin has been practicing yoga on and off for the last 20 years but there was always something else more prominent, like running, playing tennis, aerobics or weightlifting. It wasn´t until three years ago that she and yoga got serious and really fell in love.

With Shirin’s background in fitness, she found a perfect combination with yoga. The amazing benefits of the mix of cardio, strenght and yoga.

Shirin is a Swedish journalist with a passion for health in many ways. Besides being a yoga instructor, she´s also a personal trainer, writer, lecturer and fitness instructor. Another passion is romantic feel good movies. All of this together colours her way of teaching. Sometimes you might have to guess what movie that specific song comes from when you´re in downward facing dog.

Her hatha yoga classes are for everyone, they´re usually taught with music and they always end with a short meditation.

Shirin is a 200 hrs graduate Ishta Yoga instructor and she teaches in English.