Gabriela Skerlj


Gabriela has been practising yoga intensively at Zunray for the last four years.  A joyful person with great intution she was intrigued by exploring yoga more deeply which led to her decision to join the teacher training and expansive studies with Zaira Leal at Zunray (200RYT). She not just learned so much more about yoga but also discovered her talent to transmit.

Gabriela has been following her teacher Zaira closely and has experienced the gradual integration of  Sridaiva into Zaira´s teaching. She has really fallen in love with this “reinvented system of yoga” and has taken every opportunity to study with the creators of Sridaiva Desi & John. With their support she starts her teaching Sridavia teaching career at Zunray.

Gabriela bowspringShe loves the magic of life full of surprises! From the hand of her paternal grandmother she studied poetry at an early age and the love to do what she feels with sensitivity. She believes in the energy and that we are who we want to and attract what we are!

Gabriela teaches her classes in Spanish.