Claudia Hubberten


Claudia was born in Mallorca and completed her studies and professional certifications in Germany. In order to evolve personally and professionally, she has lived in France, the south pacific, England and Spain. The north of Mallorca has been her home again since she returned in 1997.

She started to practice yoga for health reasons at the age of 20 and after years of practicing, she felt the desire to share her positive experience with others and offer a method to be more healthy and to discover more consciousness and gratitude.

Her trip around the world took her to India for a long period of time, an experience that gave her a new impulse to go deeper into the philosophy of yoga.

She became a yoga teacher after completing her training (based on the teachings of Sivananda) at the Yoga Vidya Ashram in Germany. Afterwards, she continued
to expand with different teachers and traditions. She has completed her prenatal yoga with Montse Cob at the OMMA school in Madrid. She has attended workshops and yoga retreats with Yoga Integral, Yoga Dinamico, Iyengar, Acroyoga, Yoga ocular, etc., which have both complemented and enriched her own unique style.
Since 2007, she gives classes in different centers and organizes various residential retreats on the island.