The Zunray Spark June



There is a lot to celebrate this month! The International Day of Yoga happens on June 21st and Summer starts. The Sun will be shining brightly at its highest peak so it is the right moment to speak about Purusha, the essential spirit in all that exists which is also the complementary aspect of matter, last month´s theme.

Purusha is eternal, permanent, it is not subject to change nor to the effects of cause and consequence. It is undifferentiated spirit, without material form or mental conceptualizations. If Prakruti is represented as woman and the divine feminine, man is a representation of Purusha and the divine masculine. Purusha can not be understood through rationalization because it is broader than the mind itself, neither can it be experienced through the sense organs. However, we can perceive it internally because it is the universal principle underlying everything and everyone.

Even though Purusha is beyond matter, we can also get a sense of it when we hop on the mat:

Make it to the studio ten minutes before your normal time or plan on staying a little longer after class so you can sit in meditation on your own. Those moments to calm the body and mind are key for awakening.

Become aware of the spaces between poses. Furthermore, create times in your practice when you can pause and feel the silence and quietness.

Fully enjoy savasana, the final relaxation. Allow it to take you into inner spaces in which you don´t feel the body and its sensations any longer, neither there is a mind, thoughts or emotions. It is a time during your day when you don´t have to do anything and you can allow yourself to simply be.

The contemplation of Purusha in our lives doesn´t only establish a direct connection with your subtlest aspects and with your soul. It also has incredible benefits for the health of the body-mind-heart. We are Universal Consciousness unfolding into two primordial aspects: the manifested and the transcendental.

See you on the mat, yogins!
Aham prema – we are love