Goddess Retreat

9-12 NOVEMBER 2017

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by Zunray yogastudio
3 nights in 5 star accommodation
Mediterranean, local, & organic food & drinks
Natural facial treatments by renowned London skin-care
specialist Vanda Serrador
Abundant nature walks, yoga & meditation, and massage sessions to enrich your experience
and indulge your senses.

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Why do this retreat?
Women are by nature givers and it is vital for our wellbeing and happiness to have moments to reenergise and be totally pampered. (Especially before the Christmas season) Indulge in an environment of stress-free and enriching activities that will make you look better, feel better, and most importantly help you be HAPPY and RELAXED

Place: Osa Major is on of the most inspiring and stunning locations on Mallorca. Its decoration by Brenda Ottoman is carefully yet very organic and natural. Every space inspires the eye and soul, the views, the food…. It will leave an imprint !!!! Have a look here

A day of your retreat:
There will be some variations on the days and we can adjust the schedule so we all feel comfortable and at ease, but generally it will look like this:

9:00 am Yoga class with a little surprise
10:15 Breakfast Buffet
After Breakfast: Facial treatments, hikes or relaxing by the pool (Vanda can do about 4 – 5 treatments per day)
14:00 Lunch
After Lunch: Siesta, as well as Massage, & Facials appointments
19:00 Appetisers, local wine tasting, …
20:00 Dinner

Informational Q & A and interactive talks with Vanda about skin and body care.

What is included in the price of the retreat:

  • 3 nights
  • 3 Incredible organic meals per day (tea, nuts, and fruit all day)
  • Yoga sessions in the morning
  • 1 Bespoke Goddess Facial (only given at this retreat!). 90 min of pampering, leaving you looking amazing. To prepare the skin it will first be cleansed. Then Vanda will work on your jawline and cheekbones as well as drain away puffiness from under your eyes. The facial will include a massage to relax the muscles which helps to decrease fine lines and wrinkles. The first step allows the luxurious skin care products to penetrate the skin and target your personal areas of concern.
     Vanda has a intuitive massage technique that will sculpt your face by using pressure points to release blocked energy. This allows blood and oxygen to flow which results in a release of your natural ‘glow’. This facial combines a number of carefully chosen aromatherapy oils and medicinal plants base products (including a divine French brand Yon-Ka). You will feel relaxed, your skin will be rejuvenated, and your inner goddess will be revealed.

  • 1 Tui Na style body massage by renowned therapist Nathanial Stewart. 1 hr.
  • Walks
  • 2 hr workshop with Zaira Leal on awakening our Radian Woman (explore the different females archetypes/deities); which is yours, and how you can make her shine!
  • 30 min individual sessions with Zaira personalised on you & your archetypal deities. What is your role in this life, how to best take care of yourself, which type of diet will keep you looking and feeling young, which life style most suits you, and much more.
  • Q & A talk with Vanda Serrador on facial care and body care
  • Zunray surprise welcome package

If you would like to get more treatments (facial or massage) we can arrange this. Just let us know before.

Any additional Spa treatments you wish to book will be billed as follows:
Facials: €80(45min) | €120 (60min) | €180 (90min)
Massage: 1 hr 70€ | Tui Na, Tai, or Deep tissue with oils are available

The maximum amount of Goddesses is 14!

If you should need transport please contact Francesca to arrange this at:

RESERVE YOUR SPOT at the bottom of this page.

Shared accommodation: 999€
Individual accommodation: 1,390€

Up to 1st of September: 100% full refund (– 90€ administrative costs)
UP to the 1st of October: 50% refund (– 90€ administrative costs)
past the 10th of October: no refund is possible.

About Vanda:

My interest in skincare originated over two decades ago, literally by accident!
When I was 17 years old I was involved in a major car accident whilst living in Mallorca, in Spain. Today I know that I was extremely lucky! To have survived that accident and to be able to be here today, to share my story, and help others know their skin better.

As a result of that accident I was left with severe scarring to the right side of my face.
My mother told me about the use of traditional aromatherapy oils from her native Africa and the botanical force of nature and its healing properties. She explained how it was used, which was an amazing revelation for me, and also said “it keeps you busy and focused on nurturing and healing yourself”. And so, with a combination of particular oils, my mother and I prepared an oil blend and every day we applied and massaged that oil blend onto the scar.

Today, I have no scarring on my face and I am a great believer in the power of oils.The oils combined with daily dynamic massage movements helped not only with the scarring, but also rehabilitated the muscle paralysis and I regained almost 90% of my normal muscle function. To be honest, I think that I am the only one who knows about the other 10%! ;-)

With this sad and almost fatal experience I learnt that we can transform and create almost anything! With love, nurture, knowledge, and dedication, we all have an amazing capability to transform our skin and create healthy lifestyles for ourselves that we could not possibly imagine otherwise.

My Skincare philosophy:
I am truly passionate about passing on information that works inside and out, not just on the skin but that is also, food for the mind. My work is to create hands on treatments for my clients and constantly learn how we can all achieve healthier lifestyles and have better skins, which I believe is all very much connected. The understanding of what triggers problematic skin conditions and how we can bring skin back to optimal condition by repairing existing damage and loving ourselves enough to develop healthier lifestyles. Our face it’s not only the mirror of our souls but in most cases it will allows us to see how well we have we been looking after our bodies and minds!
More than anything, I would like to continue to encourage people to get to know themselves and to realise their full potential. If I can pass on this message with my craft I believe that I will be honouring the greatest gift of life, which is life itself by constantly experimenting, learning, sharing and believing in others. Believe that others can reach their full potentials and empower one another when sharing their knowledge and experiences.

About Zaira:
Since her late teens, and under the guidance of her teachers, Zaira Leal has been dedicated to live consciously, awakening and unfolding the luminosity of the Self within. A singer and weaver of tales who incorporates the beauty of chanting into her classes and therapies giving them a purity and uniqueness that sets them apart and makes them distinctively her own. Her understanding of ancient texts enlightens the student effortlessly through the practice.
Zaira has extensive and deep training in various Yoga styles, focusing on Anusara Yoga, Shiva-Shakti Tantra and most recently Sridaiva, specialising in BowSpring. She is an Anusara® Certified teacher, also a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Yoga has been Zaira’s lifelong passion and sanctuary of many years. A fourth generation teacher, she has developed special programs for adults, athletes, teens, children and children with autism as well as offered private instruction and Yoga Therapy.

Her commitment to serve others inspired her to study Ayurveda. Zaira is Chopra Center Certified Instructor and teaches the signature program Perfect Health, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program, created by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon. As an Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultant Zaira guides people in areas that might be of their concern: physical health, emotional freedom and higher status of consciousness. Ayurveda is a way of life that comes from the inside out.

Only evening classes:
18:45 Vinyasa in English with Joshua
19:00 Gentle yoga in Spanish with Oliver

Sólo hay clase por la tarde
18:45 vinyasa con joshua en inglés
19:00 suave yoga con oliver en español