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Most classes in Zunray are for those who have done some yoga, a lot of yoga or feel that their practice is somewhere in between. This is what we call the open schedule. With your class card, subscription or as a one-time drop in you can come to class when it suits you. No need to commit to a fixed schedule or to reserve beforehand. You come to practice when you want.

Four highly qualified teachers offer each their own unique way of teaching in different yoga styles that all have their roots in hatha yoga and the physical practice of asanas. Below we will try to give you an idea of what a class is like.  All teachers are fluent in English. Our community is very diverse so teachers might use Spanish as a second language in their classes to serve students better. If you are new to the studio please come 15 minutes in advance to your first class. Reservation is not necessary. We look forward to seeing you at the studio so you can experience it yourself.


Anusara Yoga with Zaira

Zaira has been teaching yoga since 2002. Having lived for many years in the United States her classes are a full bilingual experience. She teaches yoga according to the Anusara school of yoga of which she is a Certified Teacher. Anusara is also known as the yoga from the heart. The importance of connecting to something bigger combined with a strong asana practice based on universal principles of alignment make her classes both a physical and spiritual experience. More about Zaira..

Saskia Griffiths

Hatha Flow with Saskia

Saskia has been teaching yoga for 7 years. She loves funky tunes, challenging sequences and traditional rooted aspects. Expect a flow experience with lots of movement, a fusion of traditional and modern aspects of yoga with a spice of life’s lessons. She Loves to bring in anectodetes of all her wonderous travels. Each class is unique. Through postures, linking breath, movement and mindful expansion one will find freedom within. More about Saskia..

Joshua Marin-Hempfl

Yoshua yoga with Joshua

A Yoga practitioner since 2002, Southern California native and certified yoga instructor Joshua Marin- Hepfl began teaching his Ashtanga-based vinyasa practice in 2008. Joshua’s own creation: the Yoshua Yoga practice is the recognition of the practitioner’s need for, and interest in, developing body mastery. Joshua incorporates the teaching of sound alignment principles, anatomy and kinesiology. The class structure allows the body to generate a significant amount of heat in order to safely move into postures that deeply stretch and strengthen the body’s musculature.
More about Joshua..

Claudia Hubberten

Hatha yoga with Claudia

Claudia has been teaching for over 7 years. She completed her teacher training in Germany in the Ashram of “Yoga Vidya“ following the tradition of Swami Sivananda. Her classes are based on a traditional hatha yoga, but there is a clear influence of exposure to great teachers in many other styles of yoga. Claudia has a strong sense of discipline which provides an organized methodical approach to her class. More about Claudia..

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Single class 15€
3 Classes (Valid for 3 months)42€
6 Classes (Valid for 3 months)80€
12 Classes (Valid for 3 months)145€
1 month unlimited classes125€
If you have any questions, send us a message or call 971 723 183

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