Strikeflow – a new practice


Joshua, one of Zunray’s primary yoga teachers, has developed a new practice called Strikeflow™, that we will start offering at Zunray. It was born combining two of his passions: body mastery and boxing.

Within the context of developing mastery of one’s body, Strikeflow™ is a conditioning class based on “striking”as the primary physicality (fist, elbow, and knee strikes).

The Strikeflow™ class offers a high intensity cardiovascular workout while developing clear and precise striking technique. The class maintains a consistent high pace which develops stamina and endurance, culminating in the lengthening (stretching) of the muscles that were strengthened and developed throughout the practice. Along with an excellent cardiovascular workout to supplement your yoga practice, the Strikeflow™ class will develop practical self-defense techniques lending to one’s sense of security and self confidence.

Benefits include:
Increased stamina.
Fat loss
Additional energy.
Excellent cardiovascular workout.
Increased endurance.
Lean physique.
Improved focus.
Better understanding of your body and movement.
Increased strength.
Efficiency in movement.
Awareness of your center of gravity, and how it is transitioned over your bases of support (feet).

Mondays and Wednesdays 17:30-18:30

The normal 3, 6 or 12 yoga class cards can also be used
For students with a yoga subscription, there is a supplement of 5€

Reservation necessary: call or whatsaap +34634522321