Bowspring teacher intensives with Desi Springer & John Friend

The Bowspring teacher intensives

with founders Desi Springer and John Friend

We are happy and proud that Desi and John are returning to Zunray for the 4th year. With a growing Bowspring community in Europe, Mallorca will this year be the European destination for those wanting to teach the Bowspring. Desi and John have designed two 5-day modules, so if the bowspring has conquered your heart and you want to share it this is your chance.


Bowspring Teachers 5-Day Intensive – Level 1

This training is for all students interested in teaching the Bowspring method. Knowledge and regular practice of the Bowspring is required.

Learn the fundamentals of teaching:

  • The algorithm of the Bowspring
  • The ABCs of the 10 Key Areas
  • Elemental Forms – hands and feet, arms and legs
  • Basic katasof Bowspring poses from the Level 1 Syllabus
  • Breathing practice
  • Basic Bowspring class for all-levels

Lectures and discussions will cover:

  • Understanding the biomechanics of the Bowspring and how it works
  • Myofascia and the science of functional movement and stretching
  • The universal geometrictemplate of dynamic posture
  • How to describe the Bowspring and dynamic postural method to the public
  • Benefits and challengesof the Bowspring practice
  • Studentship on a path of awakening
  • Linear Alignment (standard model) vs. Wavy Alignment (Bowspring method)
  • Retaining beginning students of the Bowspring

Other Bowspring Teacher Skills:

  • Observing common misalignments
  • Hands-on postural adjustments
  • Integrating philosophy and heart themes into postural instructions

Dates, schedule & cost

18-22 April 2018
Daily 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:30
650€ (21% VAT included).

Bowspring Teachers 5-Day Intensive – Level 2

This Intensive is for all that attend teacher intensive level 1 or have trained personally with Desi and John over the past years.

The following subjects will be covered:

  • Review of important teachings from the Level 1 Intensive
  • Postural sequences for Level 2 & 3 Bowspring poses
  • Creating class themes
  • Therapeutic applications for a wide range of common musculo-skeletal injuries
  • Physical adjustmentsLectures and discussions will cover:
  • Philosophical basis of the Bowspring Method- The Why? What? How?
  • Main metaphysical principles of the Bowspring Method
  • Universal geometryof the human body
  • Levels of mind
  • The emotional spectrum at its unconscious somatic patterning in everyday posture
  • Open vs closed postures
  • Basic physiology of mind-body connection
  • History of modern postural yoga and standard model postural alignment

Dates, schedule & cost

23-27 April 2018
Daily 10:00-12:00 and 14:00-16:30
650€ (21% VAT included).


Once you have paid, please fill out the following application form.
It will help us prepare for the training and we want to make sure you are a good fit for this training*. If you have doubts which training to follow, then sign up for level 1, or both.

* If we have reason to believe that your skills and experience are not a good match, we reserve the right to cancel your registration and return your payment in full.

Cancelation Policy:
Refund 90% before 18 January 2018.
Refund 75% before 18 February 2018.
Refund 50% before 18 March 2018.
No refunds after 18 March 2018
Registration will close 28 March 2018 or when no spaces are available anymore.

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